Save Money, Debt, Budget and track Expense.

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Our product oriented approach has led to the creation of multiple successful spin-off startups.

Track your expense and income

keep track of your daily expenses and incomes. Just define expense or income add amount and category and its done. How easy it is.

An overview of your finances with reports

You will better understand where your money comes and goes, track on how much money you spent , available and total income. easy-to-understand reports about Balance, Total Income, Expense or Total Debt & Loan..

Manage recurring transactions and bills

Do you have any fixed income every week, month or recurring bills such as rental, Internet subscription? You can set up recurring templates and then Money Lover will notice you before the due date. It helps you to stay on top of your bills.


App local will help you to hide your transaction from other. You can manage you lock with finger print lock and number pad lock to protect from others to see.

Manage debts and loans

Multiple currencies

Add and edit expense and income category

In-app Help & Support

Built-in calculator

Data backup, share via Dropbox or email


Edit transaction.
Added filter to the graph.
Export data by date range.
Improve dashboard UI.

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App Reviews

Hetal Chaudhary

Wow app for my personal finance management. Very easy and intuitive to add expense and income. Best for summarise value and it help me to see all available amount, income and total spending front of my eye. Remind me daily if I forget to add, I can export and save on my excel file, thank you for updating and now available for whole year expense and income overview with nice reports.

Getweb official

One of the best app for easy to use and track my expenses.

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